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MochiCard White 2.0

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MochiCard Programable


  • LED Matrix
  • 3 Buttons (v1)/6 buttons (v2)
  • 1 RGB LED (v1)/2 RGB LEDs (v2)
  • Light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor (v2)


MochiCard works through Google Chrome

If this is your first time using MochiCard, this Driver must be installed.

Chromebook users do not need to install this driver. 🙂

IOT Challenges

Remote Control Car MochiCard

Remote Control

Turn your MochiCard into a remote control to guide a car and collect all of the coins! 🙂

hot chocolate MochiCard

Hot Chocolate

Before you have a delicious hot chocolate, program your MochiCard to let you know when it is at a good temperature! 🙂

Birthday Cake MochiCard

Blow out the Candle

You can choose a cake and use the humidity sensor on your MochiCard to blow out the candle. You can set up the sensor to make it harder to blow out!:)

arkanoid MochiCard


Use the buttons on the MochiCard to guide the platform from left to right in order to prevent the ball from multiplying! 🙂

MochiCard Proyecto candado luz

Escape Light

Experiment with the brightness sensor and find out how to solve the riddle that opens the lock. Will you manage to escape? 🙂

Crucigramas RGB MochiCard

RGB Crossword

Find out which colors are hidden behind each word using RGB LED codes. Complete the crossword puzzle! 🙂

Globo aeroestático Mochicard

Hot Air Baloon

Heat the temperature sensor to ascend and cool it descend. Be careful though, you can only land in green areas. Let’s fly! 🙂

Traffic Light

Test out the RGB LEDs on your MochiCard, and create your own traffic light. 🙂

Lapiz MochiCard proyecto

Drawing pen

With the MochiCard commands, you can raise or lower the pen, draw, and even write. Test your imagination!:)


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