MochiCard Finalists in the 2024 Innovation Awards

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Finalists for the 2024 Metropolitan Business Innovation Awards

We are immensely pleased to announce that we have been finalists in the 2024 Metropolitan Business Innovation Awards. This success is a great recognition of our effort and dedication to drive innovation in the education sector. Being selected among 156 applications is an honour that we would not have achieved without the support and collaboration of our entire team and our community.

On July 3rd, the award ceremony took place in the Cornellà auditorium. During this event, our coordinator Esther Vilanova presented the project in the form of a podcast. In addition, she answered several questions from Oriol Llop (Rac1), presenting the project to the audience. This experience was enriching and motivating for the whole team.

Therefore, we want to thank all those who have participated and organized these awards. Your involvement has made it possible for us to showcase our project and receive this prestigious recognition. Competing with so many innovative projects has motivated us even more to keep improving. Likewise, we will continue to bring innovation into the field of education.

Mochicard: Our Future Project

We are especially proud of our flagship project, the Mochicard electronic board. This STEAM development kit is designed specifically for schools. In addition, it aims to promote practical and interdisciplinary learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Key Features of Mochicard:

Interactivity: Mochicard allows students to experiment and create real projects, making learning more dynamic and interesting. In addition, with the ability to interact with the environment through the Internet of Things (IoT), students can develop projects that connect the physical world with the digital world. This opens the doors to a new universe of hands-on learning.

Accessibility: We have designed the kit to be accessible to all educational levels, from primary to secondary. Mochicard is designed to be easy to use. Therefore, it provides a smooth and progressive introduction to advanced concepts of technology and science.

Versatility: The electronic board can be used in a wide range of projects, from simple electrical circuits to complex robotic systems. In addition, it is equipped with various sensors and components, allowing the creation of varied and advanced projects. Components include:

  • LED Matrix
  • 3 Buttons (v1)/6 Buttons (v2)
  • 1 RGB LED (v1)/2 RGB LEDs (v2)
  • Light sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor (v2)
  • Accelerometer (v3)

In addition, Mochicard has been certified and validated by girls during the design phases. This ensures that it is not only technologically advanced, but also accessible and attractive to all students. This certification guarantees that Mochicard is an inclusive educational tool, designed to encourage the active and equal participation of all students in STEAM disciplines.

Looking to the Future

This recognition drives us to continue innovating and expanding Mochicard’s reach. Our goal is to reach more schools and help more students develop their skills in STEAM. Therefore, we firmly believe that education is the key to a better future, and we are committed to providing the best tools to achieve this.

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who has made this success possible. We will continue to work with the same passion and dedication to bring innovation to the classroom and contribute to the progress of our society.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Let’s continue innovating together!

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